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We provide 12-months period warranty for all our products, calculated from the date of destination arriving. 

For any DOA (Dead On Arrival) goods, Sinicvision will provide replacement at no charge to customer. 
For Field Return during the warranty period, to repair the product, customer will return the defective product to our HK office or designated US location. The product to be repaired is to be returned in either its original carton or a similar package with an equal degree to protection. 

The warranty does not apply to damage or failure caused by or resulting from:
Ø        Accient, neglect, abuse or acts of force majeure;
Ø        Unauthorized repair or modification of the product;
Ø        Failture to install or use the product in accordance with the instruction or use of this product other than for its intended purpose.

After the applicable warranty period, customer may buy extended warranty from us at extra cost per unit. Or could get a reasonable charged repairing service from us for labor & parts.
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